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What's your shipping schedule?

(Updated May 2021)

We typically ship orders out twice a week and our current shipping days are Wednesday and Saturday; orders placed on a Wednesday will be shipped the following Saturday, and orders placed on a Saturday will be shipped on the following Wednesday. This is due to our current schedule outside of Jay're Naturals, and it helps us stay organized throughout the week. Please allow 1-3 days for your order to be processed and shipped. 


I'm interested in a handmade unit. Who do I contact?

Who? WHY US, OF COURSE! πŸ‘‘ For a proper consultation, text 267-551-0705 or send us an email at jayrenaturals@gmail.com


Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes! If you're interested in wholesale and would like more information, text 267-551-0705 or send us an email at jayrenaturals@gmail.com βœ¨


I want to be featured on the Jay're Naturals website or social media pages. How do I do that?

Well, that's easy! When you receive your order, shoot a video or take a photo and tag us! We absolutely LOVE when people get their orders or send us feedback; it legit makes our day! So be sure to tag our page or use the #JayreNaturals hashtag! πŸ’•


I received my order. Why do my products look different from the photos?

The only difference in the product is the logo! Jay're Naturals recently went through a make-over and we still have some of the products with the original designs left over. That's all it is! Same product, different label, so nothing to worry about! 🀸🏿‍♀️


What do the Hair + Body Care items smell like?

This is BY FAR our most common question we get asked frequently! We provide fragrance descriptions under all of our Hair + Body Care product pages to give people an idea of what the scent is. We can see how this can still be difficult when it comes to the decision making process but we have a solution! We recommend you purchase the Mystery Sample Bundle; it features a variety of fragrances for you to choose from. You can also customize the box to whatever fragrances you'd like to try. Just type your selections in the "notes" section at checkout and we'll be sure to get your items together just the way you want! πŸ€—



Let's keep in touch! If you're a small business, or know of a small business, and would like to be featured in our Small Business Promo video series on Youtube (coming soon) OR on our social media, send us stuff!

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